Company Background

The Mis Amigos philosophy is simple to state: We treat your pets just as we would treat our own (who, of course, also board here).

We have constructed an environment to make your pet as comfortable as possible while they stay with us. This includes creature comforts such as heated floors in the winter and cooling in the summer. Dogs have the liberty to go indoors or outdoors during the day at will. For cats, there is a front row seat to watch our bird feeder and 120 gallon fish tank. We welcome tours of our facilities at any time.

We believe exercise and interaction with caretakers is important. Therefore, in all our standard boarding fees, we include two sessions daily in our outdoor specially designed exercise yards with 30,000 square feet of outdoor exercise space, shade structures, sand boxes for your pet's digging pleasure, and of course seasonal wading pools. Most importantly, there is someone to play with!

Celebrating 15 Years!

For many of our returning guests, we think their wagging tails when they return says it all. They truly enjoy their stay and look forward to return visits. When you are away on vacation or business, you can know that your pet is also enjoying himself.

Our Facility

Our kennel is designed and built by a leading national specialty builder. We also offer luxury suites for the very pampered pet, with satellite TV, special bedding, and extra space and attention.

For maximum safety, we have extensive cross fencing with a resident caretaker living on the premises. We follow aseptic procedures after departures and require immunizations for the protection of all boarders. The facility is kept clean at all times and we always pass the smell test. Health checks prior to boarding are part of our standard protocol. Vet visits are also arranged as needed and we can assist you with this if you have a hectic schedule. We work with all local vets.

Dedicated Staff

Our staff are chosen for their love of animals. They are trained to interact with different dogs and cats with varying dispositions. They endeavor to minimize your pet’s stress and increase their enjoyment. They also keep your pet’s environment safe and clean. Our staff go the extra mile for your pet to ensure their stay with us is a pleasant and safe one. Meet our team.

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