Cat Boarding

The cats at Mis Amigos have their own condo with time in the cat room. Great care was taken in the design of the cattery to ensure the health of its occupants. Clean air is very important to the health of a cat and our cattery has an excellent isolated ventilation system. Each condo is divided into three areas: a bedroom, a litter pan area, and a great room where the cat can hang out and observe birds at the bird feeders. Cats are rotated out into the cat room for playtime. Family cats may enjoy their playtime together.

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Food While Boarding

Our Kitty Package includes Taste of the Wild cat food.  You may bring your own food but please make sure dry food is stored in a plastic container with your cat's name and your last name on it. There is no additional charge for this service. Please leave any bowls or dishes at home.

Extras For Their Stay

Each cat is given time out in our cat room daily. If you would like extra petting time for your feline, we offer additional Hugs-n-Cuddles, Play Time, and Kong Time add-ons for their stay.

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