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Pet Food:

We do carry Canidae dry and wet food for both cats and dogs.  If you need pet food, call our office.  We can take payment over the phone or via your Gingr customer portal.  The food can be brought out to the parking area for you to pick up.


Pet Products

We select only quality pet products, ones that we use for our own pets. Whether you need a solution to a training problem, canine attire, or something sturdy but chewable, we have it all! Did you know we carry treats, toys and food puzzles for cats, too? We also have toys and food puzzles suitable for small dogs. If we don't have what you're looking for, ask us! We may be able to carry it for you.


Bored cat or dog?

We have all kinds of food puzzles and toys. It is very mentally stimulating and healthy for both dogs and cats to work a bit for their meals. Working their brain tires them out as much as physical exercise.


Heavy chewer?

There's a Kong for that! Or a West Paw! Let us help you make a selection. West Paw offers a “Love It Guarantee”.  Some dogs enjoy Dogwood sticks or bully sticks and we carry both.


Does you dog pull on the leash?

Our certified trainers recommend a front-clip harness. We carry two different options. The Blue 9 Balance harness and the Ruffwear Front Range harness. Come in to get your dog fitted with a no-pull harness!


Is your dog afraid of lightning and/or fireworks? Does your dog have separation anxiety?

We carry "Thundershirts" and " Through A Dog's Ear" products that research shows will help your dog feel more secure and under stressful situations. We also carry a CBD hemp oil product that can help ease anxiety in some animals.


Do you have a reactive dog? Do they bark and stranger and other dogs on walks? Do they have a hard time at the vet office? Do they bark at everything they see from the car?

Come take a look at our calming caps. Similar in appearance to a horse's fly-mask, calming caps weed out details that may be triggering your dogs behavior. Our certified trainers can help you decide if this product is right for your dog.


Need training treats (or little snacks)?

We carry soft and crunchy treats by Cloud Star and Fruitables. These are small, healthy treats for training and much loved by our own dogs. We even have Fruitable treats for cats. (And, yes, cats can be trained, too!)

We stock the following super premium foods: 
Canidae - Wet and Dry
Felidae - Wet and Dry

We can make special orders.

Come in for a visit and check out all of our products!

Some of the brands we carry: Kong, West Paw, Ruffwear, Oasis Pet Boutique, Mes Amis, Petsafe, Yeowww! (organic catnip), Omega, Petstages, Outward Hound, Pet Candy, RC Pets, Hyperpet, Happy Howie's, Cloud Star and Fruitables.


Last updated 21 November 2019.